International Society for Environment and Climate Change

Call For Paper

·          Emerging diseases in new environments
·          Vector-borne diseases
·          Health warning systems based on meteorological forecasts
·          The use of bio-meteorological indexes
·          Extreme climatic events and sanitary consequences
·          Interaction between climate, air pollution, and health
·          Weather variability and mental illnesses
·          Deprivation index, welfare, and climate change, among others
·          Biodiversity, Nature and Human Health
·          Climate Change, Environmental Pollution, and Human Health
·          Health Literacy and Education, and Global Health
·          Sports, Exercise, Nutrition and Human Health
·          Insights Of COVID-19 and Environmental and Human Health
·          Assessing Impacts on Diverse Ecosystems
·          Technical, economic, and Social Responses to climate change
·          Climate Change and Health
·          Global Warming, Agriculture and food security
·          Climate change and energy
·          Climate change: measurements, modelling, and predictions
·          ICT and Weather Information Management
·          Technology transfer and innovative solutions to climate change
·          Climate change, Green initiatives and products
·          Migration, poverty, and gender issues in the face of climate change
·          Natural resources and Biodiversity in a warming world
·          Carbon management and climate change mitigation
·          Impacts, Hazards, risks, and effective adaptation to climate change
·          Climate Change economics, law and policy